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In general, Warped is a music festival for pop and post punk fans to gather and listen to great bands. Warped Tour has been around since 1994, when creator Kevin Lyman first got the idea for it. It has since erupted into a punk paradise featuring over 100 bands per year touring all around the U.S. If one is interested in going to the festival, there are a few things to consider first:


The most important part of attending a music festival, especially one like this, is knowing and liking the bands. The 2013 band line up is still underway, but a significant number of bands has already been published. If you are interested in attending, check out the "Bands" page of their website.

What to Bring:

Most people talk about their first time at Warped Tour being somewhat of a misfortune due to bringing too much or too little. If you plan on being in the crowds and entering mosh pits, which there will be many of, it would be best to leave larger bags at home. Plan on shoving as much as possible into pockets, and stick the rest in a small messenger bag or Jansport backpack. Some essentials include your cell phone, sunscreen, sun glasses, money (for food and band merch), and a sharpie. Many people also bring along a hat, an item to get signed, and a spare shirt. No one likes to walk around all day in a shirt soaked with some idiot's beer.

Food and Water:

Vans Warped Tour is not known for their special catering. They have multiple booths set up to provide corn dogs, hot wings, and large sodas starting around $8.It is important to eat during Warped, as it spans the length of the day. To avoid paying outrageous prices, a hearty breakfast is recommended and it's even better to bring a snack. While stingy on the food, they do offer free water refills throughout the day. Hydration (especially with water) is highly important during any festival. With the heat, the insane crowds, and all the moshing, it's very easy to get dehydrated. Keep a water bottle handy all the time.


The one point I can never stress enough is that when you are in a mosh pit, and someone is down and can't get up, help them up. The only reason they're down there is because they got hurt. Moshing is not dangerous if people are careful about it. If someone is trying to get out of the bit, open up a hole and let them out. Don't be the guy that makes them take the punch that knocks them out. Watch out for people in the pit, if someone looks hurt, it's better to be on the safe side than to let them get further injured.

Be careful not to hit anyone in the face or head. Shoulders and below are as high as the punch should go. Anything higher can be dangerous, especially if you've got some power in your swing. Vans Warped Tour has special tents/booths set up around the area with red flags on top specifically for First Aid. They can give out band-aids, water bottles, Aspirin, or just let you hang out there for a while if you need a little break. If someone has passed out, or looks as if they might, take them to the First Aid booth, it's the safest place for them to be.

Crowd Surfing:

A piece of advice to crowd surfers- be careful to tuck in your arms and legs when up in the air. It may be hard, but forgetting to do this could end up with someone kicked in the head and knocked out. Make sure to give a friend all your belongings before you get up on everyone's shoulders. Some people will steal, some stuff will just fall out. More than anything, act like your trying to stay afloat in a pool. Keep your head up at all times, try not to let yourself get turned upside down. You might just get dropped, and landing on your head would be an unfortunate way to end the day.

A piece of advice to crowds- just because you do not like crowd surfers does not mean you should not lift them along. Nobody really likes them, but its a common courtesy to help them stay up. If someone looks like they do not want to be up anymore, be the good guy and help them down. If you are in a crowd and are not looking around at all times, you have a 50% chance of getting kicked in the head. Do not get mad at them, just keep watching the band.


Big, sweaty crowds and mosh pits are not for everyone. Maybe you just went to Vans Warped Tour to meet the band members and listen to the awesome live music. All the power to you. You should in no way feel pressured to go into a crowd if you do not want to. The tour planners almost always make sure to secure a venue large enough that there is space to be within earshot of a band while avoiding the crowd. Maybe you just got tired of the crowds and are looking for a rest. This is where all those booths come into play.

Take a break between bands, maybe the next band you want to see does not go on for an hour or so. Cruise the booth section. They have a huge variety of booths set up all around with loads of goods to buy. Some will even give you free stuff if you show up soon enough.

There is no sure-fire, all encompassing guide to Vans Warped Tour. With such a punk atmosphere, nothing is certain, everything is up in the air. Just make sure you keep your cell phone and a friend with you at all times, have fun, and be the nice guy.

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